Patrick Mahomes Takes Heat On Social Media After Alleged Support of George Zimmerman in Tragic Shooting of Trayvon Martin — Advice to Mahomes, Don’t Respond to This


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes came under fire on social media over his old tweets about the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case and his apparent support for law enforcement.

The 2011 tweets surfaced prior to the AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans and appeared to show Mahomes and his former high school football teammate talking back-and-forth about the case and the trial.

The quarterback was initially being hit on Twitter for his alleged support of Zimmerman, who was cleared of all charges in the 2013 shooting of the unarmed black teenager.

However, a separate thread further showed that Mahomes and the former teammate were engaging in a discussion about the case in which he did not appear to take a side. The teammate’s replies to Mahomes were still live as of Thursday, but Mahomes’ tweets were deleted.

Nonetheless, the NFL MVP was slammed over the tweets.

Outside the resurfaced tweets that Mahomes sent before he snapped the ball at Texas Tech, the quarterback has never spoken out publicly about the Zimmerman trial or Martin’s death.

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SOURCE: Fox News, Ryan Gaydos