India Ranks 10th On 2020 World Watch List

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Open Doors released their 2020 World Watch List last week naming the top countries with the worst treatment of Christians. The results for India were, frankly, unsurprising.

Last year, India cracked the World Watch List’s top 10 for harsh Christian persecution. This year was no different, with the South Asian nation holding its 10th place spot.

Erik Morsehead with Mission India says they expect this oppression of Indian believers “is still going to remain a big thing.”

However, they are also seeing God change hearts, like that of a Mission India partner who had a Saul-to-Paul transformation. 

“He strongly persecuted the Church. Over time though he started to meet with a church planter and over that time, God really started to soften his heart…. He became a church planter himself and has planted multiple churches!” Morsehead says.

“It’s been story after story where we could say, ‘That’s all God working through our partners in India.’”

For 2020, Mission India picked a new theme: ‘pressing on together.’

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for unity among our Indian Christian brothers and sisters.
  • Ask God to continue changing hearts in India and turning people to Him.
  • Pray for Indian believers to be faithful in persecution.