Help ‘Mission Cry’ Send Out 4 New Sea Containers Full of Bibles

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Following Christ means taking His Word into the world, and that is exactly what Mission Cry does. But they need help.

Through the generous donations of God’s people, Mission Cry sent out 13 million dollars worth of used Bibles and Christian books last year. This year, they hope to do even more.

“A Huge Need”

Jason Woolford, Executive Director of Mission Cry explains, “So this year, our goal is to send $14 million of used Bibles and Christian books, and we’re very low on Bibles due to what we just did the previous year. And so yes, it is a huge need for us to get these extra Bibles and Christian books.”

Woolford shares that on January 14th Mission Cry began a Bible drive that will continue until March 14th. They accept any kind of Bibles, used or new, in any translation. The only goal is to get more copies of God’s Word into the hands of people who need it.

Mission Cry hopes to fill up four or more large sea containers with these Bibles, which will then be shipped around the world.

“We are hoping to send another container to South Sudan another container to China, and we have two that are headed to Uganda.” Woolford continues, “And so those are our first four shipments that we’re planning to send, along with sending Bibles and Christian books into Guadalajara, Mexico.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that Mission Cry would receive enough Bibles and donations through March 14 to fill up 4 sea containers.
  • Organize a Bible drive at your church to help Mission Cry send Bibles worldwide.
  • Donate to Mission Cry to help them print more NASB Bibles to distribute.