Bethlehem Bible College Working Towards Peace Between Palestinians and Israelis

(Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College.)

Despite the tension in the Holy Land, Bethlehem Bible College is working towards peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Bethlehem Bible College, a Bible college in Palestine, is seeking peace by working to empower Palestinians and spread God’s Word.

Professor Munther Isaac from Bethlehem Bible College explains that Christians are a minority in Palestine, a fact that makes spreading the Gospel more difficult. He says, “Our numbers have declined, and that should be a concern for Christians worldwide.”

He asks that anyone interested in peace begin supporting Palestinian Christians so that they can continue to preach God’s Word. “Sustain us and empower us as we promote the Gospel here, the message of a loving God who loves all equally,” he says.

Empowering Palestinians through Prayer

One practical way to support Palestinians is to pray for them. Isaac says, “We need to pray for everyone because God loves everyone. We need to pray for Muslims, Christians, and Jews equally. We need to pray for God’s will to prevail.”

He explains that praying for both sides of the conflict is Biblical. When Jesus taught us to pray, he taught us to pray for God’s will to happen in all situations.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Sarah Traill


  • Pray for the Palestinian people and for peace in the Holy Land.
  • Donate to Bethlehem Bible College.
  • Connect with Bethlehem Bible College and local churches to support peace in the Holy Land.