4 Highlights from 2019 with DOOR International

(Photo courtesy of DOOR International)

2019 brought many milestones for DOOR International. From translated Scripture to newly certified Bible Translation Consultants, God was at work. Rob Myers, president of DOOR International, recounts four major changes and successes of the last year.

1. New Translation Work

God did great work through translation this year, especially for Deaf language groups. Most Deaf people do not have Scripture in their heart language.

Myers says, “Many people are unaware that there are there’s more than one sign language. In fact, there’s 350 to 400 different sign languages around the world. And close to 90% or more of those sign languages have no published Scripture right now. So, there’s a huge need, just in terms of resources.”

But praise God, this year two new Deaf language groups received Scripture.

“We saw two language groups, two Deaf communities receive a full portion of Scripture, the full significant portion of Scripture, for the first time: Mozambique sign language and South Sudan sign language.” Myers continues, “And these constitute almost 500,000 deaf people who up until that point really only had very, very small portions of Scripture.”

2. Church Planting in Asia

After years of working with and training local leaders in several restricted Asian countries, 2019 saw twelve new people head into two difficult countries as Gospel workers.

Myers says, “So even if people don’t know what countries those are, God does. And so people can be praying for those new church planters that are on the field, working among people who, in one case, less than .1% of the Deaf population in that country are Christians [or] know anything about the Gospel. So prayers will be appreciated. There’s a there’s a huge need out there but God is raising up workers.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that DOOR leadership would have wisdom as they decide on opportunities to pursue.
  • Ask God to continue to raise up new translation consultants.
  • Join DOOR financially as they seek to spread the Gospel to unreached Deaf groups.