‘Wycliffe Associates’ Uses Technology to Translate Scripture More Efficiently in Turbulent Times

Scripture translation is becoming more difficult, but it’s a challenge Wycliffe Associates is preparing to address head on.

The organization is forming new strategies for a new decade. Wycliffe Associates is now preparing to begin Bible translation for over 400 language groups without Scripture. New technology and native expertise counter modern challenges.

A Changing Translation Landscape

High-profile conflicts and rising persecution are dangers translators must consider.

“Governments around the world and especially religiously-oriented governments are in a season of sort of escalating tension between the West and the rest,” says Bruce Smith, President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates.

Smith has seen the increase in the past year and anticipates continued escalation. These movements are impacting the organization’s work. In the short term, some training locations become unavailable unexpectedly, he says.

However, in the long term, work is generally becoming more dangerous as the number of language groups without translations dwindles.

“All of the easy access, readily available languages that need Scripture have already been reached. And the only languages that are remaining are the ones that are in the most difficult places,” Smith says.

For Wycliffe, this is not unexpected; it’s the result of sustained work.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kali Katerberg


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  • Please pray for safety and wisdom among translators.
  • In these turbulent times pray for the local believers effected.