Planned Parenthood Launches $45 Million Campaign to Get Pro-Abortion Politicians Elected in 2020

The political fundraising arm of the nation’s largest abortion provider will spend $45 million in the 2020 elections as it pushes back against what many conservatives are calling the most pro-life administration in history. 

Planned Parenthood’s Super PAC, Planned Parenthood Votes, has launched an effort called “We Decided 2020” to oppose “anti-abortion politicians” who the organization says are undermining “access to reproductive health care.”

The campaign represents the largest financial electoral effort in Super PAC’s history.

“We decide who our leaders are. We decide our future,” the website for the campaign reads. “At the ballot box this year, we — not out-of-touch politicians — decide what we do with our own bodies.”

In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Planned Parenthood Votes Executive Director Jenny Lawson said that in 2020 “the stakes have never been higher” for abortion rights.

“[The Trump Administration] has managed to undo so much over the last three years,” Lawson was quoted as saying. “The fact that this summer the Supreme Court might gut Roe v. Wade is an indicator of their intention and they’ve never been so bold.”

Lawson told the left-leaning mainstream news outlet that the money will be spent on the 2020 presidential election and federal and state legislative races.

The effort comes as the Trump administration has enacted various policies intended to restrict government funding for organizations that provide abortions.

“My life is at stake in the next election,” a female speaker says in a promotional video for the campaign. She was followed by another speaker who declared: “It’s a matter of life and death to have access to quality health care.” That health care, they say, includes access to “safe and legal abortion.”

After the Trump administration issued a rule last year banning organizations that receive money from the federal Title X family planning program from performing or referring patients for abortion, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America ended its participation in the $286 million funding program.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith