Christian Professor Robert P. George Urges AG Barr to Take Action Against Pornography Epidemic

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom Chairman Robert George speaks during a Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission hearing in Washington, D.C. on April 19, 2016. | The Christian Post/Samuel Smith

Professor Robert P. George, who’s described by many as the most influential conservative Christian thinker in the country, is urging U.S. Attorney General William Barr to address the pornography epidemic.

In an interview with The Daily Wire, George, a professor of jurisprudence at Princeton University and one of the founders of the American Principles Project, a conservative think tank, explained why he’s advocating that action be taken at the federal level to combat pornography.

“The rise of online pornography for children — even young children — has made this issue resurgent again,” George told The Daily Wire. “Addiction and sexual addiction connected to pornography has contributed to this. People know about it — people who are married to addicts.”

He added, “One additional piece of the puzzle: We have become much more cognizant, over the past decade or two decades, with the way the porn industry has become intertwined with sexual enslavement.

“You put those things together and you can see why the issue has come back — and come back with an urgency. The moral issues remain, but the public health dimensions and our sensitivity to sexual exploitation has increased. And the #MeToo movement has helped here.”‘

His words come amid a trend in conservative states where Republican-led legislatures have passed resolutions calling attention to the public health harms of porn and its demonstrable link to domestic violence and human trafficking.

Thus far, 15 states have passed anti-porn resolutions, many of which have been based on a template by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, a Washington-based advocacy group that believes the porn industry must be fought on a social level given how it saturates culture.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter