WATCH: Video of Little Boy Passionately Praying Over his Food Goes Viral

(Twitter Video Screenshot)

Many Christians pray over their food, but probably not as passionately as one little boy whose prayer went viral on Twitter yesterday.

A video shows a young boy in what appears to be a class lunchroom with his peers. He leads the entire room in a prayer to bless the food—and it might be the best thing you ever see.

“Father God,” he says as the rest of the room repeats after him. “We thank You … for this food. … We ask that You bless it. … Make it nourishment … to our bodies. … Bless all the boys and girls … all over the world … to receive food … in Jesus’ Name … amen!”

National tax reform expert Julio Gonzalez posted the video Jan. 15. As of this writing, it has garnered over 413,600 views; 8,000 retweets; and 28,200 likes.

Watch the video of the adorable prayer below:

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SOURCE: Charisma News