Ken Blackwell on Don’t be Fooled by Dark Money Influence in Liberal Politics

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Hypocrisy in politics is typical, but every so often it reaches a new low. Such is the case with a recent political ad attacking dark money’s influence in politics, an ad funded by dark money. The group Future Majority did exactly that as part of their 2018 efforts to elect Democrats to Congress. Now groups like Future Majority are focused on denying President Trump reelection in 2020. 

Democrats have no good response to the President’s popularity and his accomplished record, so they turn to dark money funded smear campaigns to try and discredit him and his supporters. Politico reports one such dark money group – Future Majority – is prepared to invest $60 million in swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan in 2020 to try and defeat the President. 

Another dark money group is Arabella Advisors, orchestrators of many supposed “grassroots” campaigns on issues ranging from climate change to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. But in reality, Arabella doesn’t organize actual grassroots opposition to the Trump administration, it creates fake groups that pump out phony opposition through subsidiaries such as the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

One Arabella campaign focuses on President Trump’s tax cuts. Liberals want to replace the Trump tax cuts with tax hikes to finance more spending. But repealing the Trump tax cuts would be disastrous to the economy as they allow working people to keep more of what they earn and they are incentivizing businesses to re-invest in America.

According to Edwin Feulenr, the founder of the Heritage Foundation, “The tax cut contributed to the strong economy we’ve been enjoying, leading many businesses to hire more and more workers. The United States added more than 2.6 million new jobs in the year following the passage of the tax cut — nearly a 25 percent increase from the previous year.”

Another area where dark money groups oppose the Trump administration is the battle over government regulation of business and industry.  President Trump repealed many Obama era regulations and is working with Congress to simplify the regulatory system.

For example, liberal groups are fighting deregulation in the lending industry and are actively working to limit the efforts of people who are struggling with bad credit to get loans. They claim short term loans offered by payday lenders are predatory, and they continually press for artificial controls – rate caps – placed on this one segment of the lending industry – not large banks, credit unions, credit card companies, etc.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ken Blackwell