Feds Say Lori Loughlin and Other Parents Are Withholding Information in College Admissions Scandal

Federal prosecutors say parents still fighting charges in the nation’s college admissions scandal, including actress Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli, have not not turned over any discovery evidence despite requests from the government.

The claim, outlined in a joint interim report filed last week, comes ahead of a status conference hearing Friday in Boston federal court.

It’s part of a larger battle over discovery. Defense attorneys for Loughlin and other parents last month accused prosecutors of refusing to share reports of FBI interviews with the mastermind of the nationwide admissions scheme, Rick Singer. The two sides have asked for a hearing in February to take up the issue.

Before trial, the competing parties are obligated to share information, documents and other key evidence through a process known as discovery.

But prosecutors say with the exception of two defendants, William McGlashan and Robert Zangrillo, parents have not turned over any discovery. The government turned over its first batch of 3 million pages of evidence — emails, phone logs, bank records and other documents — to defense attorneys in April and May.

“The Defendants believe that it is premature to do so at this time,” the new court filing reads. “The Government disagrees with the Defendants’ assertion that it is ‘premature’ to provide their own discovery.”

It continues: “The Defendants have now had approximately eight months to review the Government’s discovery, confer with their clients, and strategize regarding potential defenses. It is not premature to provide discovery, which they can later supplement, to the Government as required by the rules.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Joey Garrison