Jeff Crouere on Most Americans No Longer Trust the Government or Media

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The American people no longer trust what they hear from the media and their government.

Ever since his first campaign started in 2015, President Donald Trump has railed against his political opponents within the government and has often warned the American people not to trust the “Fake News” media. These warnings seem to have been heeded especially in the case of the death of disgraced financier and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

While the media and government officials have repeatedly assured the country that Epstein committed suicide in his prison cell on August 10, 2019, the American people are not convinced. A new Rasmussen Reports survey indicates that only 21% of the American people believe that Epstein killed himself. While 27% are undecided, most respondents, 52%, believe that Epstein was murdered.

The results are a significant change from the last Rasmussen Reports poll in mid-August. At that time, only 42% of respondents believed Epstein was murdered, while 29% believed the “official story” that he committed suicide. As time has passed, more Americans have become convinced that the suicide story is bogus.

Every day the evidence mounts that this case is highly unusual. It was just discovered that the video footage from outside Epstein’s prison cell on July 23, 2019, the night of his first so-called attempted suicide, was accidentally destroyed. According to officials at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, the videos were not preserved “as a result of technical errors.”

Prosecutors had guaranteed attorneys for Epstein’s former cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, that the evidence was being protected by jail officials. After learning of this new development, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys, Marc Fernich, said it “only adds to the unanswered questions and deepens the air of mystery surrounding (Epstein’s) death, feeding the perception that the public will never really know what happened — and that the powers that be aren’t really interested in finding out. Nothing about Jeffrey Epstein’s prosecution and death in federal custody surprises or could surprise me at this point.”

After Epstein allegedly tried to commit suicide in July, prison officials initially placed him under close supervision. Incredibly, the extra monitoring did not last long, for he was found dead on August 10. At that time, he was alone in his cell because his cellmate had been transferred the previous day.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeff Crouere