e3 Partners’ Vision for 2020: Increase the Pace in Reaching the World With God’s Love

This year marks the beginning of a new decade. How are we reaching the world for Christ?

e3 Partners has a goal to reach the world with God’s love. As we enter 2020, e3 has a plan for the next few years to increase the pace in which they share the Gospel.

Jeff Johnston from e3 says, “We want to get more long-term missionaries out on the field. We want to take more short-term trips… and we want to raise up more evangelists here in the States as well.”

Reaching the World in 2020

e3 works to plant and support churches around the world. They do this by hosting evangelism trainings, mission trips, and partnering with churches to help share God’s Word with as many people as possible.

By 2025, they hope to have planted 1 million churches around the world.

Johnston says, “Our vision all along is for there to be a local church accessible to every person everywhere on earth…. We just believe that the local church is the vehicle through which God will reach the entire world.”

One way to reach the world is by sharing the Gospel locally. Johnston says e3 offers special training to churches and small groups to equip them to share the Gospel in their communities.

This training, called 4 fields training, focuses on the four fields of Jesus’ strategy to evangelize and disciple. It provides training to help believers share the Gospel no matter where they are.

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e3 also hosts mission trips all over the world.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News,