“The Groaning of the Saints (Part 2),” by Charles Spurgeon

Romans 8:23 says, “Even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.”

Then the apostle says we are ‘waiting,’ by which we learn that we are not to be petulant, like Jonah or Elijah, when they said, ‘Let me die’; nor are we to whimper and sigh for the end of life because we are tired of work, nor wish to escape from our present sufferings till the will of the Lord is done. We are to groan for glorification, but we are to wait patiently for it, knowing that what the Lord appoints is best. Waiting implies being ready. We are to stand at the door expecting the Beloved to open it and take us away to himself. This ‘groaning’ is a test. You may judge a man by what he groans after. Some men groan after wealth — they worship money; some groan continually under the troubles of life — they are merely impatient; but the man who sighs after God, who is uneasy till he is made like Christ, that is the blessed man. May God help us to groan for the coming of the Lord, and the resurrection which he will bring to us.