Karen Farris on Let Kindness Rule Your Day

Don Blessing | (Courtesy of Port Angeles Walmart)

It’s easy to imagine that the most valuable players in a business are the ones at the top. The chief executive officers, the board presidents, the corporate financial wizards. They matter. But so do the business players at the bottom.

Indeed, it’s the employees beneath all the team leaders and supervisors that can make a business thrive.

Now, Don was one of those bottom dwellers — it was a retirement job to supplement his social security check. It didn’t require a fancy degree, only a willingness to be nice. Don was our local Walmart greeter.

He was good with faces —and recognized his shoppers. He never failed to greet each person who walked through those automatic doors. Sure, there was his smile, but it was his willingness to share a bit about life with those who lingered for an extra moment or two. His joy was infectious, and I couldn’t help but smile right back.  Don let kindness rule his work day.  In his words, “Can’t control a whole lot, but I can control my smile.”

I imagined that having only one arm to do all the shopping cart hauling, might have been an impediment, but not to Don. As he reached to give me a cart, he’d smile, and offer a different story about how he’d lost his arm every time I came through. We’d laugh and then he’d thank me for coming in.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Karen Farris