Barna Study Finds Most Millennials, Gen Z Aren’t Focused on Family Formation or Marriage as Life Goals

Bixby Creek Bridge, Monterey, United States | Unsplash/Sammie Vasquez

New research from Barna reveals that younger generations around the world are more interested in the pursuit of professional success than they are focused on family formation and building a home.

The study, called “The Connected Generation Report,” documents findings collected from over 15,000 interviews with young people in both the Gen Z and millennial generations in 25 nations and nine languages.

The Barna group conducted the research along with Christian humanitarian organization World Vision.

The nations selected for the study were based on countries and regions where Barna and World Vision receive frequent requests for research-based insights, the researchers noted in the report released Thursday. The survey was offered in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Romanian, Korean, Indonesian and Taiwanese.

Among the survey participants, approximately half had both completed their education and become financially independent from their parents. Around 40 percent reported having traveled to other nations, begun a career, and becoming “spiritually mature.”

A quarter had prioritized getting married and caring for the poor; fewer still, 21 percent, said they prioritized purchasing a home.

Practicing Christians who were surveyed led young adults in family formation, with nearly one-third stating that they had gotten married, 37 percent reported becoming a parent, and 53 percent said they had become more spiritually mature. The study distinguished between “practicing” and “non-practicing” Christians.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter