WATCH: How This Former Pastor and Sex Abuse Survivor Experienced Christ’s Redemption and Now Fights Sex Trafficking

She was molested her entire childhood by a girl – a best friend and church deacon’s daughter – who acted out her grandfather’s nasty secrets.

A preacher’s kid from a small town, she grew into a role model for teens – a strong leader who was destined for ministry on a large scale, despite the painful secret she kept from everybody. Upon graduation from high school, people in her town suggested – only half jokingly – she might be the future leader of Focus on the Family.

As a 23-year-old youth pastor with credentials from the Assemblies of God (AG), she was the featured speaker at a purity conference for teens who had gathered in the Rocky Mountains. On the eve of her talk about abstinence and saving oneself for marriage – Easter Sunday 2004 – she was violently and randomly raped in a small town with its world-renowned Christian retreat center.

In her third year of full-time teen ministry at a Denver church, Jessica Joy (Neely) spoke convincingly of God’s design for marriage and sexual purity at the conference, but inside she was seething with anger over her fate on the asphalt the previous night.

“I was determined to be liberated from God,” says Joy.

Those traumatic sexual experiences set the stage for Joy’s slide into eight years of bondage in the commercial sex-trade, beginning as an escort in Denver.

Her first journal entry as an escort included the words of Jesus recorded in Mark 8:36: “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul.” (Berean Study Bible).

Today, Joy fights legislatively against pornography, a vice that – with its seductive lure of cash – destroyed her soul.

Listen to Joy speak about her escape from the porn industry and sex trafficking here:

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SOURCE: Assist News, Steve Rees