Scott Noble on Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Your Church

Each year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more and spend their money more wisely. Even though many of these resolutions fade with time, some of them ultimately lead to positive, long-term change.

If individual resolutions can have encouraging—even life-changing—results, imagine what could happen if an entire church body committed to New Year’s resolutions!

Over the next few weeks, as you gather as a community, consider how your church can make its Christ-centered message and mission even more powerful.

With so many people holding your congregation accountable, your chances of success just jumped!

Here are seven resolutions to consider for your church in 2020.

1. Personal interactions with at least _____ people in your community in 2020.

You’ll have to choose this number as a congregation. Is it 250 people, 500 people, 3,000 people or more?

The number isn’t necessarily important, but the idea of committing to touch people with the love of Christ—however that looks in your context and community.

People will long remember a personal interaction with someone over an anonymous email, postcard or doorhanger inviting them to stop by your church for Easter service.

Jesus spent a considerable amount of time interacting with people one on one. They didn’t soon forget this experience—and neither will those you engage in your community.

2. Organize a give-back opportunity.

How many unmet needs are there in your neighborhood? Probably more than you can count, and more than one congregation can fulfill. Yet Jesus urged His followers to be His hands and feet.

Consider sending your congregation out in teams—two, three or five to a team—and have them complete service projects. Anything from cutting grass to minor home maintenance projects to grocery shopping to simple car repairs … anything that involves a need your congregation can help address.

This will demonstrate your congregation’s love and care for the community—and may even lead to people finding their way to your church’s doors.

3. It’s time to do that one big thing you’ve been talking about for so long.

It could be that much-discussed expansion project or that outreach idea that’s been percolating for years or maybe it’s starting that youth ministry for area students.

Regardless of the idea, determine to take a major step in this direction. This might be the year for planning or action; but whatever it is, move forward with your big idea so it doesn’t become yesterday’s big idea.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Scott Noble