Pastor’s Courageous Witness to Notorious Gangster Transforms Entire Indian Village

After Hitansh got out of prison, he went to Pastor Shorya to ask him about Jesus. Today, the two remain friends. Pastor Shorya encourages Hitansh in his faith, and Hitansh joins with the pastor to show Christ’s love in the village.

Gospel For Asia supports some of the boldest national missionaries throughout India and beyond, who are willing to laying their lives on the line for the sake of the Gospel.

Pastor Shorya is no exception.  His obedience has resulted in the transformation of an entire community. He knew the Holy Spirit had been speaking to him about going to visit a certain village—a village where he’d been told not to come back. The GFA-supported pastor lived nearby and had gone there several times, offering a message of hope to any who wanted to hear. Some men in the village didn’t want to hear it, though, and they told him he might not survive if he came again. Heeding this threat, Pastor Shorya didn’t return for nine months.

But when Pastor Shorya sensed God was telling him he needed to visit that village again, he listened. Soon he found himself confronted by one of the most notorious men in the village: Hitansh.

Pastor Shorya hadn’t met Hitansh before, but he had heard enough to fear him.

An Unlikely Ally

“Why did you stop coming to our village?” Hitansh asked Pastor Shorya.

When Pastor Shorya explained that some men had threatened him, Hitansh told him not to worry. He encouraged the pastor to continue visiting the village and said he would make sure no one else bothered him.

Such a guarantee meant a lot coming from a person like Hitansh, whose feared reputation came from his status as a leader of a gang known for robbery, kidnapping and murder. Hitansh’s wife, however, believed in Jesus. She told her husband that the Christians in the village needed Pastor Shorya’s encouragement, so for the sake of his wife, the gangster supported the pastor.

As Pastor Shorya started visiting Hitansh’s village again, a relationship developed between the two men, and he told Hitansh about Jesus and invited him to come to worship services. Hitansh wasn’t interested, though.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Peter Wooding