Kenyan Pastor Fatally Stabs His Wife of 20 Years Before Slitting His Own Throat in Front of Congregants at Their Church

The late Pastor Anne Mughoi (L) during a service at Ground for God’s Gospel Ministry in Mombasa, Kenya. | Photo: Facebook/Anne Mughoi

A troubled marriage between husband and wife co-pastors ended in a bloody murder-suicide in Kenya Sunday when the husband fatally stabbed his wife of 20 years and mother of his four children, then slit his own throat in front of their congregants.

Witnesses to the murder suicide said that pastor Elisha Misiko, 55, of Ground for God’s Gospel Ministries in Mombasa and his wife, Senior Pastor Ann Mughoi, had been feuding for months over the management of the church.

“The two had been running the church for more than eight years but, in the last few months, they differed over management,” village elder Mtengo Amuri told Kenya’s Daily Nation.

He explained that Misiko accused the mother of his children of plotting to push him out of the church they founded together.

Tensions between the two exploded unexpectedly Sunday when Misiko calmly entered the church Sunday at about 9 a.m., worshipers told the Daily Nation, and sat next to his wife on the pulpit.

As the service was underway, Misiko got up from his seat and appeared at first to be saying something to his wife but quickly pulled two knives from under his shirt and began stabbing her multiple times.

“The husband moved stealthily toward his wife and stabbed her in the back. When he tried to slit her throat, she blocked him, injuring her hand,” Amuri said.

Worshipers eventually intervened to stop the attack but not before Misiko had stabbed his wife several times. Misiko reportedly slit his own throat as they tried to save his wife.

Police later revealed that Misiko had left behind a 17-page suicide note, The Star said, he titled Betrayal and Consequences.

In the letter, Misiko accused his wife of infidelity and painted her as a controlling spouse who wanted to be in charge of family property.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair