DOOR International: Helping the Deaf See Jesus

(Image courtesy of DOOR International)

One Christmas miracle is that God became human. He knew our pains and our struggles. He ate, drank, and understood our emotions.

We read about the incarnation in Scripture and identify with the excitement felt by the shepherds who heard good news of great joy. However, there are many Deaf who struggle to understand how the God who speaks relates to them.

A God Who Understands Sign Language

Marisa Sorenson, International Communication Coordinator for DOOR International, explains that for Deaf people, the Gospel can seem far off. Growing up, other Deaf people would express to Sorenson that they didn’t see God as being for the Deaf.

“They would say, Oh, yeah, well, God is hearing he doesn’t understand sign language. He’s just in churches for hearing people,” Sorenson says. “And I think because of that a lot of Deaf people, you know, they see deaf or hearing individuals as using their voice to pray. They use their voice to preach. They see a Bible that’s in a written language that represents a spoken language that is hearing, right? So, they assume that God doesn’t understand sign language.”

However, Sorenson notes that this is changing in the US as well as in the global Church. Increasingly people are becoming aware of the need for Deaf ministries in both secular and religious areas.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


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