Chuck Lawless on 10 Things That Will Help You Become a Better Leader in 2020

I want to be the best leader I can be. I know I’m not there yet, and I still have much room to grow. So as I write this post, I write as a student more than a teacher. Here are some steps I’m taking to improve as a leader in 2020. 

1. Develop a “leadership development” team. Enlist two to three people you respect, who know you well, and who will speak truth into your life — and ask them to evaluate your leadership at least twice a year (my preference is once per quarter). Listen non-defensively, and learn from them.

2. Reach out to leaders you respect. Some will be inaccessible, but you never know until you ask. Take the risk — send an email or make a phone call. Ask at least this simple question: “What three things have you learned that make you a better leader?”

3. Read biographies or autobiographies of great leaders. You can learn much from historical leaders. I look for books that are (a) brief, because I’m busy, and (b) focused, because I want to learn about leadership. Do a Google search for “best leadership biographies” to find some options.

4. Spend time with your co-workers. Isolation does not make a good leader. In fact, it’s dangerous. The quality time you spend with your co-workers will build them up and strengthen your team.

5. Record and review one of your presentations. Regardless of your role, I assume that you preach a message, teach a class, lead a meeting, or spend some time in front of folks you lead. Video-record it, and review it with someone you trust.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Chuck Lawless