For Many Christians, 2020 is the ‘Year of the Bible’

The Year of the Bible is a movement started by Christian leaders to have more people engage with the Bible in 2020. (PULSE)

Christian leaders have a vision for 2020 as the Year of the Bible for millions around the world.

Beyond selfies and New Year’s resolutions to make this the #YearoftheBible for every believer, Christian leaders have been joining their resources around the Good Book in a movement that has garnered support from Pope FrancisRavi ZachariasFrancis Chan and over 20,000 churches and ministry organizations in more than 100 nations.

The founder of “Year of the Bible (YOTB),” Nick Hall, who has been called the “Billy Graham of this generation,” told Fox News they’re bringing together resources to help believers and nonbelievers alike to engage with the Bible like never before. He said the Bible is the most influential and misunderstood book in history and the movement simply would ask people, “Look to the Bible for yourself, and what if this was your year to be inspired?”

“Everything about our faith is built on Scripture but so many of our lives aren’t,” he said. “We live our lives based off of good ideas or good talks, even going to church isn’t enough. If you go to church and all you do is listen to podcasts, you’re missing out. You need daily bread. God wants to speak to you.”

The founder of PULSE, the CEO of Table Coalition, and the visionary of Together 2020 said it all changed for him in 2013, after years of traveling and speaking about Jesus.

“I’ve spent the majority of my life not loving the Bible,” he said. “I think we’ve taught people that go to church to love good music and good preaching, but most of us have not been taught to love the Bible and read the Bible on our own. It’s almost like this foundational part of our faith that we’re missing.”

Hall said he was inspired by a conversation he had with Chan about how the reading of Scripture could unite the church in America and solve a lot of issues plaguing the country.

“What if we had a year where all the believers in America—even unbelievers—read this book?” Chan said. “This is the most-read book in all of human history. Don’t you want to read it through before you die? Read this, and let’s talk about it. What if we could get everyone on board—if all the Christians were reading it, so that any believer I came up to, I could have the same conversation about the book rather than the weather or sports. That’s where we would get unity.”

They said they’re launching a plan through YouVersion on the Bible App called “Together in Scripture,” with the goal of reading through shorter books of the Bible with other people in partnership with the Bible Project, a group making videos to help people understand what they’re reading.

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SOURCE: Fox News, Caleb Parke