After Losing Five Family Members in 14 Months, Joseph Alvaro Hopes to Remove Stigma Surrounding Death and Loss With “The Lucky Ones” Video Project

Joseph Alvaro is on a mission to change the way Americans think about heartbreak, loss, and death. 

“When someone passes away, when you celebrate who they were, it helps you emotionally deal with it and it becomes less painful because you’re bringing them alive again,” the author and producer shared with The Christian Post.

“We as a society don’t talk about dead people. Why not? It’s not bad or shameful. We all die. Death does not define us. By talking about those we’ve lost, sharing stories about them, you’re keeping them alive and celebrating the continuing bond you have with them.”

To help remove the stigma surrounding loss, Alvaro, along with film/TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz, started The Lucky Ones TV. The social and video streaming platform brings to life those who have died in five-minute video vignettes, creating a biographical profile of the special bond shared between two people.

“The Lucky Ones allows people from all walks of life to celebrate that special someone through the telling of stories,” Alvaro shared. “We’re not here to talk about grief or grieving. We want to celebrate why we were lucky to know this person and how they have impacted our lives.”

Alvaro is himself no stranger to heartbreak and loss: Over the course of just 14 months, he lost his wife, his 17-year-old daughter, his father, his brother-in-law, and a close uncle by marriage.

Yet, he considers himself one of the “lucky ones” — and finds healing and comfort in sharing stories about those who have passed on.

“My wife, Francés, passed away from cancer in November of 2009 after 27 years of marriage,” he recalled. “She was my soulmate. I was graced by God to have met her. I often think of it like we were two sides of the same coin. We were one. That’s how our marriage was. I was lucky to have had the chance to know and love her.”

Shortly after Francés’ death and the deaths of several other family members, the couple’s daughter, Caitlin, died by suicide.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett