There’s a Devil Loose: Man Grabs Sleeping Woman on the New York City Subway and Tries to Abduct Her in the Bronx

Horrifying footage has emerged of an attempted abduction which took place on a New York City subway train in the Bronx.

Sonny Alloway, 48, was arrested after the incident on a 6 train at 2:45a.m. Monday.

He was filmed by a bystander first trying to talk to the unidentified woman as she slept with her face covered, then grabbing her and running off the train with her when it was at a stop at the Morrison Avenue-Soundview station.

Once on the platform, Alloway appeared to lose his nerve. He let go of the woman and she wrangled free, running back on to the train with the help of another passenger.

Alloway was arrested for unlawful imprisonment.

In the video, the woman – whose age and name have not been revealed – appeared to be trying to sleep when he first starting speaking to her.

It is unclear if she is homeless. She was sitting on the subway with a scarf covering her face, trying to ignore him, as he spoke to her.

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Source: Daily Mail