Rabbi Eric Tokajer on Why It Is Scripturally Impossible to Be an Anti-Semite and a Christian Too

According to the Bible, you can’t be a Christian and be anti-Semitic. (Photo by Blake Campbell on Unsplash)

I know this article is going to offend some people, but I ask that you read the entire article before stopping and especially before responding.

Last Saturday night, there was a machete attack in a synagogue in New York, which was covered by most major news sources and went viral on social media. While I was encouraged to see the outrage over this attack, I was made to wonder why this attack brought such outrage and not the nine previous anti-Semitic attacks in New York this week alone.

After all, each of these attacks was the result of anti-Semitism, yet nine out of 10 received almost no coverage on social media outside of the Jewish community.

The only conclusion that I could come to was that the machete attack took place in a house of worship—specifically, the private residence or home of a rabbi.

You may ask why I feel so strongly that this is true. It is because if it was outrage at anti-Semitic attacks, we would have seen the outrage after the first attack. But, we didn’t, nor after the second attack, nor after the third through the ninth attacks.

Why? Because these attacks happened on the street and not in a house of worship. Many Christians responded to the synagogue attack the way they did not because it was against Jews, but because the attack made them feel unsafe in their churches. The response and outrage took place because Christians began to feel unsafe themselves—not because Jews were attacked.

I know that some of those reading this blog are already upset and others have already stopped reading, believing my statements to be unfair, unjust and plain wrong. However, if you are still reading, please don’t stop, because truth spoken in love is important.

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SOURCE: Charisma News