Michael Brown on 2020: A Year of Chaos, a Year of Clarity


I am not claiming some great prophetic insight. I do not believe I have received any special revelation. In my view, I am only stating the obvious.

In short, barring dramatic and unforeseen circumstances, the year 2020 will be one of the most chaotic, divided and tumultuous years in our nation’s history. It will also be a year of clarity, as we will see people and groups and movements as they really are. All this is part of the larger “Trump effect.”

To explain, it was former governor Jeb Bush who first labeled Donald Trump the “chaos candidate.” This, in turn, led evangelical leader Lance Wallnau to title his bestselling 2016 book, God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling.

Wallnau wrote, “When Jeb Bush referred to Donald Trump as the chaos candidate,’ he may have been tapping into something more prophetic than he was aware. America is already in chaos and heading into what I am referring to as the Fourth American Crucible.”

That chaos will only intensify in 2020. And, to repeat, it doesn’t take a prophet to see this.

The conclusion of the impeachment hearings, followed by the fall elections, will keep the news cycle going day and night with intensity. And if you think things are hectic and crazy and wild now, hold on tight.

The mudslinging has barely begun (and I mean this from all sides of the political spectrum).

In fact, we’ve barely even reached the trash-talking stage before the game, let alone the game itself. (Perhaps I should say “before the fight” or “before the brawl,” rather than “before the game”?)

Expect political chaos in 2020. Expect even more frenzied reporting in the media. Expect emotions to boil over—in the home, in the workplace and on social media.

The year 2020 will not be for the faint of heart.

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SOURCE: Charisma News