There’s a Devil Loose: Group of Seven Black Teens Attack Orthodox Jew Walking in Brooklyn – the 14th Incident of Anti-Semitic Violence Recorded in New York in Four Weeks

Disturbing footage has emerged of an Orthodox Jewish man being assaulted by a group of seven teenagers as he walked down a street in Brooklyn – in what has become the 14th documented incident of anti-Semitic violence in New York in less than four weeks.

The incident occurred in Crown Heights on December 24 as a Jewish man, who has not been identified, was walking down Lincoln Place near Albany Avenue when he encountered a large group of black teenagers.

The man can be seen attempting to avoid their path, but as he begins to walk past them one of the teens throws a folding camping chair at his head and knocks him off balance.

Startled, the man attempts to walk away from the group at speed but is chased by two of the teenagers, who run toward him and then take it in turns to punch him.

Meanwhile, a third member of the group can be seen picking up the folding chair from the ground and running back toward the victim, jumping up into the air and throwing the chair at him once again.

The group of teens then sprint away into in the opposite direction, venturing deeper into the Crown Heights area.

Jewish Future Alliance founder Yaakov Behrman posted surveillance video of the shocking incident to Twitter, but said that the victim never reported the attack to police as he was fearful the attackers would find out his identity.

‘This incident demonstrates that there are many unreported incidents in New York,’ Behrman wrote.

‘The attack occurred last Tuesday and was never reported to NYPD or media. I first learned of it Sunday evening and spoke to victim Monday and obtained footage.’

The same group of teenagers were also recorded on surveillance camera carrying out a second brutal attack on a 56-year-old Jewish man on Union Street moments later.

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Source: Daily Mail