Church of Uganda Launches New Mobile App to Fight Human Trafficking

Paul Davis, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, John Kafwanka and Canon Captain William Ongeng
Photo Credit: Church of Uganda via Facebook

A new mobile app has been launched by the Church of Uganda to help young people avoid falling into human trafficking when they seek work abroad.

The new free app called ‘Just Good Work’, developed by clergyman Paul Davis, was commended by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, when he was given a presentation by the developers this week.

Archbishop Ntagali had warned against the increasing cases of human trafficking over the past few years.

“I have always spoken very powerfully against our children being trafficked but there seems not to be strict measures put in place to curb this inhuman tendency in some of the recruitment agencies,” the Archbishop said.

He said high levels of unemployment within the country had created desperate tendencies among some young people, tempting them to go for undefined job opportunities.

“We have very many highly educated people, both young and old, with good grades and qualifications but without jobs. They are susceptible to being wooed to unclear job opportunities abroad and end up in the hands of the wrong people who turn them into slaves,” he said.

The Archbishop said the development of the ‘Just Good Work’ app, will enable Ugandans to have critical information on working abroad in their own language.

Director for Mission for the Anglican Communion, John Kafwanka, who has supported the development and implementation of the app said: “‘Just Good Work’ is a tool that will help prospecting migrants to avoid falling into pitfalls many have and continue to find themselves in. It will enable users to make informed decisions before they leave their home countries, including knowing where they can seek help and support should they find themselves in employment difficulties.

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Source: Anglican Communion News Service