Texas Church’s Head of Security Says He ‘Killed an Evil’, Not a Human in Taking Down Gunman

A gunman who killed two people during a North Texas church service was fatally shot within seconds by the church’s head of security who says he feels like he “killed an evil,” not a human.

Jack Wilson, 71, posted on Facebook late Sunday night that he “had to take out an active shooter in church.”

Wilson said he was head of security for the West Freeway Church of Christ and that he and other members of the church who were part of the congregation’s volunteer security team were “not going to allow evil to succeed.” Wilson in the past has owned a gun range, taught firearm safety, including members of the church’s security team, and was a former Hood County reserve deputy.

Wilson recalled the events leading up to the shooting Monday afternoon with NBC News’ Blayne Alexander, saying there was concern about the individual as soon as he entered the building due to the way he was dressed, in a long coat with a fake beard and wig.

He said church security trained an A/V camera on the man and that a member of the volunteer security team, Richard White, sat behind him in the auditorium.


Wilson said the man had stood up and left the auditorium once to use the restroom and that he’d talked to Anton “Tony” Wallace as he served communion before returning to his seat.

Wilson said the man then stood up and pulled out a shotgun and that’s when both he and White drew their guns.

“Richard did get his gun out of the holster, he was, I think, able to get a shot off but it ended up going into the wall. The shooter had turned, shot him and then shot Tony, and then started to turn to go to the front of the auditorium,” Wilson recalled.

Wilson said he didn’t initially have a clear shot on the shooter and had to wait a half-second or second for parishioners to clear out of the way. He said he then fired one shot at the gunman’s head and that the shooter, identified Monday as Keith Kinnunen, of River Oaks, immediately went down.

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SOURCE: NBC DFW, Elvira Sakmari and Frank Heinz