Jerry Wiles on Sowing and Reaping, and the Law of Averages

Training Orality Trainers – Reproducing Disciple Making Movements

I first learned about the Law of Averages selling books door-to-door for several summers during my college years.  I found that if I gave my sales talk about 30 times a day, that on average, I could expect to make 3 or 4 sales, sometimes more.  It was hard getting all those nos.  However, I discovered that if I persisted, I would succeed.  I also discovered that the concept of the law of averages can apply to many other areas of life.

Parable of the Sower

Some important lessons that come from our Orality Training are about the seed and soil, and sowing and reaping that we learn from the teaching of Jesus.  In the parable of the Sower, recorded in the Gospels, Jesus explained to His disciples that the Seed represents the Word of God.  He pointed out that the four different kinds of soil represent the conditions of people’s hearts.  Some have hard hearts, some shallow hearts, others have crowded hearts, and some have fertile hearts.  When the seed falls on fertile soil, it produces 30, 60 or 100 times what is sown.

What about the Law of Averages?

When we sow the seed of the Word of God, we can expect different kinds of responses.  Over the years I’ve observed that, on average, one out of four of those I’ve shared with will respond positively.  It’s another way of thinking about the law of averages.  My wife and I try to be intentional in reaching out to our neighbors, those we encounter in shopping malls, farmers markets and other public places.  It has been our experience that out of about ten people we greet or interact with, on average, three or four will be open for a more substantive conversation.  Of course, those usually take on a spiritual nature.

The Heart of the Human Problem

When we think of witness and ministry efforts, we can expect that the majority, perhaps 3 out of 4, will not be fertile soil or have open and receptive hearts.  However, if we are consistent in making the effort, we will connect with those who have receptive hearts.  One of my favorite former pastors, Dr. Adrian Rogers use to say, “The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.”  It is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.  That is the unregenerate heart.  The Good News is that God is prepared to give us a new heart and new spirit.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Jerry Wiles