Jerry Wiles on Amazed and Surprised by the Work of God

When we are On Mission With God, a Shopping Mall can become a place for Disciple Making Cell Groups

It was encouraging to receive an email from a longtime friend of more than 30 years.  He shared about some of his witness and ministry encounters.  This friend has seen much fruit from the work of God through his family, business and relational networks.  I am often amazed and surprised when I hear stories of the work of God, and how the seed of His Word is producing fruit.  It is especially encouraging to know it is having a reproducing and multiplying impact for the Kingdom of God.

A Time for Hearing and Sharing the Work of God

The holiday season is an excellent time to reconnect with family and friends, and hear of the work of God in their lives.  It is also a great opportunity to share how God is at work in our own lives.  When we sow the seed of God’s Word, and bear testimony of His grace and blessing, we can expect the Holy Spirit will honor and reproduce it.  Those shopping trips can also connect us with people who need the Lord, or could use a Word of encouragement.

Be a Good News Reporter

I like to think of myself as a Good News Reporter.  With so much negative news these days, and so many crises taking place around the world, people are often open to hear a good report.  Simply asking, “Would you like to hear a bit of Good News?” is sometimes all it takes to open a spiritual conversation.  Other ways of sowing God’s Word would be to say something like, “You might be interested to know ….” (then share a bit of your story, testimony or something good happening in your life or the lives of others).

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SOURCE: Assist News, Jerry Wiles