LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow Didn’t Know That Offensive Coordinator’s Daughter-in-law Was Killed Until a Post-Game Interview

Louisiana State University quarterback Joe Burrow learned of the death of the daughter-in-law of LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger during a live television interview.

Reporter Dari Nowkhah accidentally broke the news to Burrow when he talked to him about the tragic death of Carley McCord during a post-game interview, assuming the sportsman already knew.

McCord, 30, died in plane crash in Lafayette, Louisiana shortly before LSU Tigers offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger took to the field and was later seen wiping away tears. The news of her death emerged shortly before the start of the game.

SEC Network’s Nowkhah began: ‘Your offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger lost his daughter-in-law in a plane crash shortly before this game…’

Burrow, who helped his team to victory against the Oklahoma Sooners, exclaimed: ‘Oh my gosh,’ before Nowkhah asked: ‘Did you not know that?’

The quarterback confirmed he hadn’t, and said he needed to ‘see coach now’, before adding: ‘Obviously he’s a great man, great family.’

Burrows said he hoped the whole world was praying for Ensminger.

Five people died Saturday after a small aircraft crashed en route to Atlanta for the college football playoff game.

The plane came down near a post office and Walmart in Lafayette hitting a car, flipping it over and then slamming into a tree at 9.22am.

Witnesses said that the plane hit a power line while trying to make an emergency landing.

Louisiana sports reporter McCord was on her way to the Rose Bowl, where Louisiana State University was playing the University of Oklahoma, and was among the dead along with pilot Ian Biggs, 51, Robert Crisp II, 59, Gretchen Vincent, 51, and her son Michael ‘Walker’ Vincent, 15.

Stephen Wade Berzas, 37, who was also on board, survived and has been hospitalized. He is in a critical condition.

Three people on the ground were injured including a person who was either in or near the vehicle the plane crashed into. Two people in the post office were also treated for smoke inhalation.

On Saturday ESPN viewers were appalled when an announcer made insensitive comments regarding McCord’s death.

Matt Barrie was broadcast calling the tragedy a ‘distraction’ for Ensminger.

‘Certainly our thoughts and prayers are with coach and his family, as he gets to do his job and try to put away the distraction of losing his daughter-in-law just hours before kickoff,’ Barrie said on the air.

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Source: Daily Mail