EveryCampus Initiative Aims to Have Every College Campus in the U.S. Prayer Walked by 2020

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a part of the EveryCampus Initiative. It is a movement to have a Gospel witness on every college campus by 2030. Currently, the majority of college campuses have no Gospel witness present. However, InterVarsity firmly believes the mission on campus begins with prayer. The goal is to have every campus prayer walked by 2020. Now, we’re in the final countdown.

Prayer Walk a Campus

There are only eight days left in 2019, and just over 1000 college campuses in the United States still need prayer walkers. Will you help prayer walk the remaining campuses?

“Any of your listeners could visit EveryCampus.com. And when you go there, there’s a really easy way to search for a campus near you. You can search for a particular campus, you can search by zip code or city, and it will pull up the campuses near you. It’ll tell you whether that campus has been prayer walked yet or not,” Jon Hietbrink says, InterVarsity’s Vice President of Campus Ministry in the Central United States.

“If it hasn’t yet been prayer walked there’ll be a green button where you can click ‘start here,’ and enter either your phone number or your email address and we’ll send you a customized prayer guide that you can use to shape your prayer walk on that campus. And then at the end of that prayer walking guide is a button for you to be able to say that you completed the prayer walk and that will update our count down.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn