Shane Idleman on Why There is No Middle Ground for American Christians Today

A miniature U.S. flag rests on a copy of the Bible at voter registration at West Philadelphia High School on U.S. midterm election day morning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 4, 2014. | REUTERS/Mark Makela

Timothy Dalrymple, CEO of Christianity Today, recently defended Mark Galli’s op-ed supporting the impeachment of President Trump. He stated, “We have received countless notes of encouragement from readers who were profoundly moved. They no longer feel alone. They have hope again.”

Dalrymple goes on to say, “We feel compelled to say that the alliance of American evangelicalism with this presidency has wrought enormous damage to Christian witness.” He adds, “The problem is that we as evangelicals are also associated with President Trump’s rampant immorality, greed, and corruption; his divisiveness and race-baiting; his cruelty and hostility to immigrants and refugees; and more.” Much of that is untrue, but I digress.

What Timothy and many others fail to realize is that we can’t have it both ways. We can’t have our cake and eat it too. There is not a middle ground for Christians today. You can either choose a president who will wear a Planned Parenthood scarf at her inauguration (or one of countless others who would seek to destroy the America we know, and lead us down the primrose path of socialism — or worse), or you can back President Trump. As the saying goes: “You can vote your way into socialism and communism, but you’ll have to shoot your way out.” No, I’m not advocating violence for all those hell-bent on twisting everything I say; I’m advocating calling a spade a spade.

CT, where was your voice when a newly elected congresswoman tweeted “Impeach the (expletive)!” about our president? Where is your voice when the national media lies and deceives the American public every day? To many, your op-ed seemed like a targeted hit piece. The Drudge Report even reported that evangelicals are in a battle because of your article. Talk about damaging our witness. Actually, Bible-believing, God-fearing Christians are united, not divided.

Christians only seem to be divided because many claiming to be “Christians” are not genuinely saved, or they have a wrong view of government. As a result, their perception of truth is skewed, hence the divide. They are led by Hollywood, not the Holy Spirit. Ironically, Hollywood, liberals, and progressives also liked Mark Galli’s op-ed. If Hollywood and the national media are on your side, there’s a problem.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Shane Idleman