What’s Going On?: Black Oregon Mother With Long History of Arrests Poured Soda on Mexican Cart Worker, Spat on Chicken She Was Grilling, and Told Her to ‘Go Back to Mexico’

An Oregon woman with a lengthy history of arrests has been indicted on bias crime charges after police say she poured soda on a food vendor and told her to ‘go back to Mexico.’

Sierra McDonald, 30, was arrested in Portland on Saturday, three months after the alleged attack on a Mexican chicken cart located across the street from her apartment.

McDonald, who is African-American, faces four counts of second-degree bias crime, two counts of second-degree criminal mischief, two counts of menacing, harassment and unlawful use of a weapon.

According to court documents cited by OregonLive.com, McDonald went to the food cart on September 21, ordered a meal but then refused to pay for it, arguing that it was too expensive.

McDonald then allegedly poured soda on the cart operator’s head and told her to ‘go back to Mexico.’

The victim contacted police to report the attack, after which officers reached McDonald by phone and tried to talk to her, but the 30-year-old allegedly hung up on them.

Enraged that the vendor had gone to the authorities, McDonald later marched back to the cart and threatened workers with a sharpened wooden stake, according to the court papers.

She also allegedly tried to knock children off the grill and spat at the cooking area, prompting employees to throw out a dozen whole chickens out of concern for contamination.

When police officers were dispatched to the suspect’s apartment to arrest her, she refused to come out.

McDonald was quoted as telling officers she believed the food cart employees were racist because ‘they served white people faster than they served her,’ the court records allege.

The cart operator who was doused in soda later had a heart attack, which she blamed on the stress caused by McDonald’s harassment.

McDonald was released from jail on Sunday, a day after her arrest.

She took to her Facebook page on Tuesday, posting a status update in which she lamented, without going into details, that her ‘great life’ has been derailed by ‘bulls*** lies.’

Online arrest records indicate that the 30-year-old Portland woman has been in trouble with the law many times before.

Over the past five years, McDonald has racked up more than a dozen arrests on a variety of charges, including harassment, menacing, multiple counts of assault, resisting arrest and prole violations.

At the time of the September 2019 incident involving the food cart, McDonald was on supervised probation stemming from her 2015 conviction on a felony assault charge.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Snejana Farberov