Alabama Grandmother Who Thanked God for Sparing Her Life After Deadly Tornado Destroyed Her Home is Given a New House for Christmas

Earnestine Reese and her daughter Lashawn Wilson inside her new home thanks to Samaritan’s Purse. | Photo: Samaritan’s Purse/Melissa Nystrom

Earnestine Reese remembers the tornado that took her house in Alabama earlier this year. It was a “bad, bad storm” she said.

On March 3, numerous tornadoes were reported in Eastern Alabama and Western Georgia. The deadliest tornado to hit the U.S. since May 2013 hit Beauregard, Alabama, where Reese’s house once stood. It killed at least 23 people.

“It was just wind and the storms and the lightning and everything. It was frightening in a sense,” the 72-year-old grandmother recalled in an interview with The Christian Post about the tornado that took everything from her but her life at the time.

In the immediate aftermath of the storm, Delrico Eiland shared a video on Facebook of Reese at the property where her house was destroyed along with a trailer belonging to one of her daughters.

In the video, according to CNN, Reese, who had suffered a broken hip, told her grandson, Kingston Frazier, via FaceTime, that she thanked God for sparing her life even though she lost her home.

In a later interview with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Reese’s daughter, Renee Frazier, revealed that she had lost seven family members in the tornado but was holding firmly to her mother’s faithful advice to “tell God ‘thank you.’”

“My mom was buried under the debris. As soon as they brought her out of the debris, her first response was ‘tell the Lord thank you.’ Someone said, ‘the trailer is gone.’ She said, ‘the house is gone too. Tell the Lord thank you,’” Frazier said.

On Thursday, Reese had another reason to be thankful as she prepared to receive the keys to a new home thanks to international humanitarian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse.

“When Ms. Reese lost everything, she thanked God,” said Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse in a statement. “As soon as I heard her story, I knew we had to help. Samaritan’s Purse is excited to welcome Ms. Reese home just in time for Christmas.”

Reese remained thankful as she recalled to CP how she and her family stayed safe as the tornado shredded her home and everything around it.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair