Missouri Church Creates 7-Foot-Tall Gingerbread Replica of France’s Notre Dame Cathedral

A 7-foot tall gingerbread replica of Paris’ famed Notre Dame Cathedral, displayed at Holy Trinity Catholic Church of Weston, Missouri in December 2019. | Lisa Stiffler

A congregation in Missouri has created a replica of Paris, France’s famous Notre Dame Cathedral out of gingerbread, with the model being seven feet tall and eight feet long.

Members of Holy Trinity Catholic Church of Weston recently put together the large gingerbread structure, which is scheduled to be on display during regular business hours until the first week of January.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Platte County, a sister congregation of Holy Trinity, explained in a Facebook post earlier this month that the replica required more than 400 pieces of gingerbread.

It also needed 175 pounds of flour, 100 pounds of powdered sugar, 60 pounds of brown sugar, 12 pounds of jolly ranchers, and 40 bags of marshmallows, among other sweet supplies.

“After countless hours of work the result is a masterpiece that is 8′ x 4′ with an amazing height of 7 feet,” stated Holy Trinity of Platte County.

“In addition, on display in the Church will be Nativity Sets from around the world and home baked cookies will be for sale by the pound in the Weston Masonic Lodge on Main Street.”

Lisa Stiffler, a member of Holy Trinity who helped oversee the project, told The Christian Post in comments emailed on Thursday that they used a 3D puzzle of Notre Dame to help figure out the proper dimensions for the gingerbread model.

“From this the structure was built first using approximately 450 cardboard pieces taped together. In November all of the cardboard pieces were disassembled and used as patterns to bake the gingerbread,” explained Stiffler.

“The last two weeks of November was dedicated to moving the table and gingerbread pieces to the parish hall of the church and then assembling with royal icing and the final detailed decorating.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski