Porch Thief Steals Box of Bibles From North Carolina Pastor’s Front Door

So-called porch pirates can quickly ruin a family’s Christmas, but as one pastor in North Carolina discovered, they also can hamper a ministry.

Pastor Jeff Williams of West Franklin Baptist Church in Gastonia, N.C., was expecting three boxes of study Bibles delivered to his front door this month but found only two. When FedEx confirmed that the boxes had been delivered, Williams realized he had been the victim of a porch pirate – someone who steals boxes off front porches in hopes of finding high-priced items.

In this case, the porch pirates stole 24 study Bibles worth more than $1,000, WSOC-TV reported.

“We’re kind of curious as to what the folks thought when they opened the Bibles, and I would say this: If it’s something that you’ve taken and you’re not interested in, just bring them back.” Williams said. “Drop them off in the driveway because we need to get them out to folks who want them.”

Williams and his wife lead a ministry, Inspiration for Inmates, for individuals in prison. The ministry has personal meaning for the pastor. His daughter, who was addicted to meth, is serving a five-year sentence.

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Source: Christian Headlines