Abby Johnson Responds to Claim That Unborn Babies Are ‘Just Tissue’

Abby Johnson is famous for her public transformation from Planned Parenthood clinic director to one of America’s most outspoken pro-life advocates.

Johnson, whose story was told through the feature film “Unplanned,” recently appeared on “The Pure Flix Podcast,” where she addressed those who claim unborn babies are “just tissue.”

“I always hear pro-choice people say, ‘Abortion is so difficult,'” Johnson said, noting that she sees a problem with pro-choice individuals making this proclamation.

In her view, there’s an ideological inconsistency, specifically when it comes to the mourning and hesitation exhibited by some people on the pro-choice side who would also call unborn babies mere tissue.

Listen to Johnson break down her perspective:

“If you don’t believe that [it] is a human being in the womb — if you truly do believe that it’s just tissue, that it’s just cells, that it’s just waste, something to be discarded, why is it difficult for the woman?” Johnson asked. “It’s only difficult if you admit that it actually is ending the life of a human being.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post;, Billy Hallowell