Give the Gift of Hope this Christmas by Supporting Wycliffe’s 2019 Gift Catalog

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

Gift-giving is a major part of Christmas celebrations, but many people don’t even have the gift of God’s Word.

Wycliffe Bible Translators supports Bible translation around the world into local languages so people can read God’s Word in the language their heart understands. This year, Wycliffe USA created a gift catalog of 23 projects to support Bible translation and discipleship. They’re featuring projects in places ranging from Japan to Mexico to Cameroon.

Melissa Stillman, director of development at Wycliffe USA, explains that the gift catalog allows Wycliffe USA to connect people with projects Wycliffe is working on.

“We get to represent a variety of areas of the world and focus on the tangibility of the projects,” she says.

“So things like printed Scripture, audio, and video Scripture… we really get to go in deep [during this project], where we don’t always have that much opportunity in the regular monthly mailings,” she adds.

23 Ways to Support Bible Translation

The 2019 gift catalog is the first catalog to have 23 separate projects to support. Wycliffe USA chooses each project with care, making sure to include projects from every price range. This year’s projects range from $12 to $100 suggested gift.

Stillman says, “We really go into this with a lot of prayer as we research to find what kind of projects we will share in the gift catalog.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Sarah Traill