AME Church in India Celebrates Expanded Mission Work

2019 AME India Report

By Presiding Elder Job Pariyar, 4th Episcopal District

AME India currently has more than 69 pastors spread all over the country. The main mission of AME India is to reach the unreached with the Gospel of hope in Jesus Christ.

The 2019 Annual Conference was held October 6-11, 2019. Bishop John F. White, Supervisor Penny, the Rev. Walter R. Bauldrick, Sr., Mrs. Robin Holmes Tyson (Ambassador AME INDIA), and 17 other delegates witnessed the Conference. It took place in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, India, and was hosted by Pastor Job Pariyar, the presiding elder, and Sister Sailaja ani Paiyar, WMS President.

On October 7, Bishop White opened the AME India Administration Office in Hyderabad.  The Conference opened with a very powerful revival for the pastors after the bishop preached on the last day of the Conference.

AME India is praying to construct churches in India. This year, we were offered about 2000 square yards of land from nine different pastors and evangelists from different areas. We believe this is the great achievement of AME India, and we give thanks to the Lord for such a great breakthrough.

The WMS in India is playing a crucial role in different villages, where AME Churches exist. The WMS is working toward the betterment of society through its services. They have started a Tailoring Training Centre to help poor women and girls in their livelihood.

In July 2019, the WMS blessed 500 poor children with educational materials and notebooks. They also distributed cloth and blankets to the poor in remote villages. Supervisor White has a compassionate and generous heart towards the poor people of India.

Source: The Christian Recorder