People Now Have More Digital Conversations Than Speaking Face-to-Face

Humans are social animals. Communication is our superpower. It’s why we survived the Ice Age and bigger, tougher, animals like sabre-toothed tigers and mammoths didn’t.

But now we’re facing a challenge more powerful than any glacier or snowstorm: mobile phones.

As 2019 ticks over into 2020 it has been revealed that the number of digital conversations – texts, emails, WhatsApps and the like – have overtaken face-to-face chats in the UK for the first time.

According to new research from leading insurance broker LifeSearch, the number of face-to-face conversations we have in a day has decreased by 15% in the last five years.

Brits say this is down to more people living alone, the increasing popularity of working from home or, sadly, just ‘having fewer friends’ to spend time with.

What’s worse, despite the rise in digital communication, the overall number of conversations we have – even including texts and emails – is on the decline. Over a million lonely Brits admit that they quite often go a whole day without talking to anyone, either face to face or online.

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Source: Daily Star