North American Mission Board’s Timothy+Barnabas Institute Provides Pastor Coaching and Mentoring

The Timothy+Barnabas Institute offers pastors a two-year mentoring opportunity with experienced pastors. Participants will cover several topics during biannual workshops and monthly conference calls. NAMB photo

For a quarter of a century, Timothy+Barnabas Retreats have been providing pastors and their spouses with times of equipping and refreshment. A new initiative — the Timothy+Barnabas Institute — now offers pastors a two-year mentoring opportunity with experienced pastors.

“I’ll never forget the men who poured their lives into me when I was a young pastor,” said Johnny Hunt, senior vice president for evangelism and leadership at the North American Mission Board (NAMB). “Throughout my years of ministry, I’ve made it a point to pass on what I received to those coming up in the ministry after me.”

Hunt, while pastor of First Baptist Woodstock, Ga., founded the Timothy+Barnabas ministry as a way of serving pastors and their wives, to instruct and encourage them to persevere in the work of ministry. In June 2018, Hunt gave Timothy+Barnabas to NAMB so that the ministry could expand its reach and continue to develop.

One key aspect of that development is the creation of the Timothy+Barnabas Institute, which launches with its first event on January 21, 2020, and will be overseen by Jonathan Akin, NAMB’s director of young leader engagement. To participate, pastors must submit an application through NAMB’s website at

“At NAMB, we kept hearing that what many pastors needed, especially young pastors, was meaningful coaching and mentoring relationships with older pastors,” said Akin. “Pastors are NAMB’s number one customer, and serving them to help them be as effective as they can be in evangelism and leadership is our main goal. The Timothy+Barnabas Institute is one key part of accomplishing that.”

During the two-year program, NAMB will host four in-person workshops that will include keynote addresses on various ministry topics as well as breakout sessions for participants to meet in their cohorts with their coaches.

Between workshops, the cohorts will have monthly conference calls with their coach as they continue to grow and develop. Pastors can also get counsel from their coach as needs and issues arise in their ministry.

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Source: Baptist Press