Journey’s Jonathan Cain Says It’s ‘a Move of God’ That Kanye West is Making Christian Music

Jonathan Cain
Photo credit: Sheila Withum

As he closes the year with some new Christmas music, count Journey‘s Jonathan Cain among those welcoming Kanye West to the ranks of Christian music.

“For me it looked like a move of God, and I’m thrilled he’s doing it,” Cain — who began his own Christian music career with 2016’s What God Wants to Hear, the following year’s Unsung Noel and this year’s More Like Jesus — tells Billboard. “He’s moving people. People are being ministered to. People are getting saved. They’re coming to Jesus. He’s using his influence, and I applaud that.

“It shows the aggression of someone who has influence and is called and wants to take that influence up this mountain and raise the flag. I love seeing it. It’s a blessing to have him part of the kingdom, for sure.”

West, of course, made waves this year with his long-anticipated Jesus Is King album and his series of Sunday Service concerts, as well as upcoming events with Joel Osteen. Cain, who’s married to pastor and White House adviser Paula White, remembers well some of the raised eyebrows he got when he began spreading The Word but never allowed that to deter him. This year, in fact, he’s released a new holiday song — “Wonder of Wonders,” a collaboration with Newsboys’ Michael Tait. He’s also released a Christmas concert, Unsung Noel with Jonathan Cain, via Amazon Prime Video and is planning to put out a new series of spiritual singles starting in January, with an album to follow.

Cain also thinks Journey could “take a crack” at doing a Christmas album in the future.

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SOURCE: Billboard, Gary Graff