Christian Texas Judge Sues State After Being Reprimanded for Refusing to Marry Same-Sex Couples

A Texas judge is suing the state after she was warned earlier this year that she could not refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

According to CBN News, Waco judge Dianne Hensley received a public warning by Texas’ State Commission on Judicial Conduct after she refused to officiate same-sex marriages.

Hensley is a “Bible-believing” Christian who told reporters that her conscience kept her from performing same-sex weddings. She said she felt she had a “religious exemption” from performing the ceremonies.

Same-sex couples who went to Hensley’s office to be married were referred to others who would perform the wedding, but a complaint was filed against Hensley.

“For providing a solution to meet a need in my community while remaining faithful to my religious beliefs, I received a ‘Public Warning.’ No one should be punished for that,” she wrote in a statement.

Hensley is being represented by First Liberty Institute, a group that specializes in religious liberty cases. First Liberty Institute says the State Commission violated state law when it admonished her for her beliefs on same-sex marriage.

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Source: Christian Headlines