Boz Tchividjian Steps Down From Ministry and Resigns From Liberty University to Represent Sex Abuse Victims in Court

Boz Tchividjian

Basyle “Boz” Tchividjian, an attorney who founded a national ministry that helps Christian organizations deal with sexual abuse, has resigned his post to carry on his mission through the court system. Tchividjian, the grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, is also resigning his teaching position at Liberty University School of Law.

Tchividjian founded Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment, or GRACE, in 2004. He announced his plans Dec. 14 during The Roys Report podcast with journalist Julie Roys.

“GRACE has never been about me,” Tchividjian said. “It’s always been about serving and advocating for the wounded and educating and equipping Christ’s Church. And so, I think it’s time that somebody come after me, who has maybe different gifts than me, to take the organization and move it forward.”

Tchividjian told Roys he was motivated by a shortage of lawyers who understand the distinct needs of sexual abuse victims.

“Many of them (lawyers) should not be doing this,” the lawyer said. “They don’t understand victimization. They don’t understand the church … And they end up re-victimizing their own clients. I’ve encountered so many of these survivors who’ve been actually re-victimized by the very lawyers who are supposed to be advocating for them.”

As for GRACE, Tchividjian said he believes the ministry would benefit from a new skill set, adding it has grown more in the past 18 to 24 months than the previous 10 years.

Representing sexual abuse victims will not be a new endeavor for Tchividjian, who prosecuted such cases as a state attorney for Florida, where he created the first Sex Crimes division and personally handled hundreds of sexual victimization cases.

In July, Tchividjian agreed to join the team representing Jane Doe, a young girl whose family alleges she was sexually assaulted at First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth, Michigan. According to the Christian Post, the legal team at Landis Graham French, P.A., was seeking details from an internal investigation done by the church. The family’s attorneys allege the church did not provide police with the full findings of its investigation.

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