World Missionary Press Says Largest Requests for Scripture Come from Africa

World Missionary Press can’t get their Scripture booklets and Bible studies off the shelves fast enough. They print nearly seven million pieces a month. That’s a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the mountain of requests they currently have for 126 million booklets.

Helen Williams with World Missionary Press says there is a growing hunger for God’s Word in the 56 countries they serve. Nearly half of their booklet orders come from one continent: Africa.

“I have an email on my desk this morning from a man in Zambia saying, ‘We definitely need spiritual food here. I’ve got five little churches out in the valley [with] 473 people, but there’s a tremendous hunger for the Word and I need your help.’ I get those [emails] day after day after day,” Williams says.

In northern Kenya, World Missionary Press has a request for Scripture booklets from two of the largest refugee camps in Africa. There is an active Church movement in these camps, and they are eager to share Jesus with others.

Also, “We have one [shipment of booklets] going to Nigeria — and we can’t keep Nigeria satisfied! They are just using it and using it in so many different languages.”

Nations in northern Africa are overwhelmingly Muslim. Some ministries avoid working in northern Africa due to security concerns and its spiritually closed nature.

However, Williams says they are seeing many people in North African countries opening up to the Gospel.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh