Carol Round on Do You Believe Miracles Still Happen Today?

Do You Believe Miracles Still Happen Today?

Yes, miracles still happen today!

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”—Matthew 19:26 (NIV).

Watching my four-year-old dog trying to move his back legs so he could stand, I was heartbroken. He couldn’t even wag his tail. I was beside myself, fearing he’d end up having to be euthanized. I didn’t think I could handle losing another dog after losing my 15-year-old Chiweenie to cancer in 2015.

I made a veterinarian appointment for Harley. As the vet examined him, she didn’t offer much hope. Since Harley is part dachshund (just like my other Chiweenie), he has inherited the breed’s tendency to have back problems. Harley is active, loving to run, play with other dogs, and jumps up on the furniture—with my permission. He also has to travel stairs to go up and down the deck overlooking my backyard.

After the vet took x-rays, she showed me the problem and prescribed medications and confinement to a crate. Although I was dismayed at the possible outcome—permanent paralysis—I still had hope. When I told the vet I was going to be praying for a miracle, she said, “It will take one.”

Praying for a Miracle

Returning home, I posted on social media and texted others, asking friends to pray for a miracle. That night, I couldn’t sleep. Several times, I woke up, climbed out of bed and kneeled.  My prayers were simple. God knows before we even pray what’s on our minds and hearts.

I prayed, “God, you know the joy Harley brings to my life. Please give him a miracle healing.”

Each time I prayed for Harley, peace enveloped me. It was as if God were wrapping His loving Arms around me, reassuring me of His presence.

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SOURCE: Assist News