How to Reach People with the Gospel from Your Living Room Couch

With today’s technology, you can reach people anywhere at any time. The Internet and new “tech” – such as artificial intelligence (AI) – provide greater global connectivity, efficiency, and access to information.

However, these tools can also be a gateway to data exploitation, invasive surveillance, and all sorts of cybercrime. Yesterday, cybersecurity expert Matthew Rosenquist issued several warnings about the vulnerability of today’s digital technology, including this:

“All modern connected systems can be manipulated, corrupted, disrupted, and harvested for their data regardless if they are consumer, commercial, or industrial grade. If the technology is a device, component, or digital service, hackers have proven to rise to the challenge and find ways to compromise, misuse, or impact the availability of connected systems.”

These tools are not good or evil in and of themselves. To Mark Kordic of the Alliance for the Unreached, digital technology holds tremendous Great Commission potential. “We’re responsible, as biblical Christians, to respond to the needs of the unreached [in] the ends of the earth,” Kordic says.

“[In] this age of technology, of collaboration, we can make a difference from where we’re standing right now.”

Stop, collaborate, and listen

In His Great Commission, Jesus said: “go and make disciples of all nations.” Kordic says some two billion people have never heard of Jesus or the Gospel, and that number is growing.  “The number of unreached keeps increasing with the world population,” he explains.

“We’re making the greatest inroads in the history of the Church to reach the unreached…but… more people are being born [compared to] the amount that we’re reaching.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth